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Huck Finn

            The book the adventures of huckleberry Finn was written by mark twain this book takes place, during 1835-1845 in the state of Mississippi surrounding it most of the book takes place to what our young explorer uses for travel. The narrator of the just happens to be our young explorer huckleberry Finn or better know by his friends as huck. This book is a great literary masterpiece the book is mainly about huck an his new friend Jim a run-away slave owned by the widow Douglas who took in huck to civilize him. Most of the book is about huck helping Jim run-away to the south so he can be a free man and finally own himself, during their trips Jim and huck meet up with many new friends and enemies. The kind of conflict that is presented in this book is internal conflict this is represented by the way huck feels about letting Jim escape but later in the book huck relices that helping Jim escape is the best thing to do since they have been through a lot together.
             The following will be about the main characters in the novel huckleberry Finn for starters the main characters in this book are huck, Jim and tom (who is considered a main character even though he may not be memcioned greatly in the book). To start huck is the main character in the book his full or proper name is huckleberry Finn. He plays the most important roles in this novel since he is the one that really binds the story together. Huck is a thirteen-year-old boy whose father is the town dunk of ST, Petersburg, Missouri. He is also a clever a street smarts boy even though he has not been in school he can take care of himself and others. Huck interacts with many people in the book some important and some just as small talk one example of an important interaction happens when huck meets the Grangerfords family during that time he must pretend to a young boy named George Jackson who was orphaned. In the following lines are part of chapter 31 in which huck wants to help Jim escape but is having second thoughts about it since he has been taught that he is a slave and is lower than he is in the eyes of others.

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