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Hills like white Elephants

            In the short story "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway, a girl and a man discuss weather or not she should have an abortion. Because the man and the girl have different views on this subject, they argue continually throughout the story. .
             The man is extremely selfish and is only looking out for his own well being. "I think it's the best thing to do. But I don't want you to do it if you don't really want to." If he really wanted her to give her opinion and do what she thought was right, then he shouldn't keep reminding her that "he thinks it's the best thing to do". At the end of the story the man clearly says that he doesn't want the baby. "But I don't want anybody but you" It's really wrong of him to make a comment like that. He knows that his opinion will have a great effect on her decision, but he"ll say anything to get her to do things his way. .
             The girl is consistently asking the man if everything is going to be the same between them. He tells her it will, but I don't thing he is being completely sincere. " I love you now, you know I love you" It seems like he's saying whatever it takes for her to agree to have an abortion. " if I say things like white elephants and from essaybank.co.uk you"ll like it?" "I"ll love it. I love it now but I can't think about it, you know how I get when I worry" When she asks him questions like that he doesn't sound very reassuring, he attempts to change the subject. The girl is only concerned about her relationship with the man in the future. She is basing her decision on weather or not the man will stay in a relationship with her. .
             The girl finally makes up her mind. She decides to go through with the abortion. She doesn't really seem happy about her decision. "Then I"ll do it, because I don't care about me" She should be content with her decision and not sound so negative. Also at the end the man asks her "Do you feel better?" She replies "I feel fine, there's nothing wrong with me.

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