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the awakening

             In "The Awakening", the main character, Edna Pontellier, is a depressed woman who struggles to find her independence and freedom. Her husband, Leonce Pontellier treats her as a possession rather than a person. One example of this is when Chopin writes ".looking at his wife as one looks at a valuable piece of personal property which has suffered some damage." (P.2) As a result of her unhappiness, Edna pursues other men. The relationship between Edna and Robert starts out as a friendship and transforms into love. Edna's other affair is with Arobin, a known heartbreaker. Kate Chopin uses Creole Society in the 1890s as a foundation for her novel and expresses it through women and their relationships.
             Next, the Creole setting with the precise description of the nature of the ocean made this story unique and romantic. Edna's transformation from an oppressed wife to an alive, passionate woman pulls one into the story. Chopin's writing keeps oneself curious about what will come of Edna's relationships with each character. For one example, Robert visits with Edna on a daily basis; therefore, one has to wonder if it will progress into romance. Another example is Arobin, he has a bad reputation with women; as a result, you begin to wonder if he will break Edna's heart. Edna states, she will not sacrifice herself for anyone, not even her children. This is unacceptable. When one chooses to have children, she should be prepared in advance to choose her children before anyone or anything else. .
             Thirdly, as a devoted and loving woman to my husband, I do not agree with Edna's meaningless affair with Arobin, or her undying love for Robert. Because Edna was obsessively infatuated with Robert, she could not be satisfied with the love of her husband. She should have tried to improve her marriage while she was trying to improve herself. When one marries and starts a family, she should take into consideration the feelings of her family along with her own.

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