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the day i met johnathan harker

            I"ll Never Forget the Day I Met Jonathan Harker.
             The day I met Jonathan Harker was an amazing experience. I asked him many questions about his experiences at Castle Dracula and things he saw and did.
             He told me that the only people around were the Count, himself, and three other carriage gave him strange looks and used their fingers make to crosses at him like he was evil. When the other carriage arrived to pick him up the driver didn't say anything to him and they stopped when they were almost to the castle and the driver left him in the carriage and as a pack of wolves surrounded him and then the driver came back and warded d off the wolves. They got to the castle he found out that he and the count were the only people around. .
             He told me that when he was shown to his room he noticed that there were no mirrors around he also noticed that many of the doors were locked and main door to the castle was chained up. When he went to explore the castle he came upon a door that was partially open. He went up the stairs that led to the room and found that it was stuck, and when he finally got the door open he found he diary of a woman that had lived there before him. .
             He also told me that the count loved to talk late into the night and that he never saw him during the day. One day the Count had him write three letters that were to be dated several days apart and were to be sent on those days. He told me that one night he was looking out the window and saw the count climb out his window and scale the wall and climb into a cave. On another occasion the count told him that he would be able to leave in the morning but he wanted to leave that night so the count told him he could leave whenever he wanted and opened the castle door and said that he could go but the moment he did the pack of wolves came and he was unable to leave because of them.
             Meeting Jonathan Harker was great because he told me many interesting things about the Count and what things were like while he was there.

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