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Principle vs dependency

             There's not much of a difference between Blaine Lee's and Stephen Robbins" articulations on power. Both of them defined power as the ability to influence others. However, Blaine Lee believes that power can be best exercised if it is based from honor and respect. Although his understanding on the bases of power is similar to that of Stephen Robbins", Lee emphasizes on the power that is based on honor and respect or to simply the Principle-Centered Power. According to him, if power is exercised based on honor and respect, this would lead to synergy, interdependence and deep respect because decisions and choices made base on what is right, what is best and what is valued the most, thus yielding excellent results.
             On the other hand, Robbins" believe that the key to power is Dependency. The greater the individual's dependence on the other, the greater is the other's power over him/her. According to him, dependency is created when the resource one controls is important, scarce and non-substitutable. If nobody wants what one has, and/or if something is plentiful, and/or if a resource has viable substitutes, then it would not create dependency. Thus if an individual controls a resource which has one, or more preferably all of these characteristics, then the greater the power he has over other individuals who are dependent on that particular resource.
             Of the two, Lee provided a more positive approach on power, basing his idea of power on honor and respect. On the other hand, Robbins provided a neutral approach on power, basing it on dependency, making his idea less desirable than that of Lee's. To date, it is hard to encounter a man/woman of principles. Although one has the skills and talents, without principles, his/her skills and talents would only be wasted. Because of this, I believe that Lee's idea of power is more desirable than that of Robbins". By instilling into his readers" minds a more positive attitude towards power, Lee may be able to change the tainted image of power today and possibly make the world a better place for all of us.

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