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             The subject of witchcraft is something that has fascinated and instilled fear in people for centuries. It is quite well known that people are drawn toward the unknown, and yet that is what most people fear. The same thing holds for witchcraft, it is like a magnet for many, many people. This ancient pagan religion, whether true or false, has managed to survive throughout the centuries, using it's mythical past and the questionable human mind. Leading us down through history, from our European roots and up through one of the blackest periods in our history. Who would have really expected witchcraft to die there? More than anything, Salem was a publicity stunt for these times that we live in, or future times we might not see. Witchcraft still exists, and the fact is that it is perhaps more prominent now, than it has ever been. But before we can understand the present, we must understand the past. With the type of media this century has produced, witchcraft has found the perfect vessel. What are the effects that witchcraft has produced on current day man? More importantly, what are the effects that are laid upon his children? These are important issues that should be discussed, and hopefully some sort of informed decision could be made.
             The word "witch- comes from Old English, and means "wicca."" (Ellerbe, Ch 8) Essentially, its original meaning is a belief that masculine, feminine and the God are .
             held in above all else. There were primarily two types of witches, the white and black. The white witch was a woman who used her powers for the good of mankind, and who helped to cure disease and make the people's life somewhat easier. The black witch was the complete opposite--using her power for her own ambitions and having no limits as to what she would use her power for. Of course, if the white witch was ever unable to heal a certain ailment, and she was the least bit suspected, she would immediately be declared a black witch.

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