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             Victor makes the monster that turns around and destroys him. Victor locked himself in his apartment to build a human. When he finished the monster terrifies him. Victor gets away from the monster, but not for long. Victor recives a letter from his dad saying Willam, Victors brother, was murdered in the woods in Geneva. Victor travels back to Geneva. While there Victor's sister Justine is suspected for killing Willam. Justine then is executed leaving Victor devestated because he built a murderer. Victor then sees the monster and goes back with him in a glacier. The monster tells him his story of how he grew up.
             The monster lives in a cottage in the woods next to a family from Paris. While living in this cottage the monster learns to read and speak english. The monster went to his neghibors house for the first time when the kids were gone. The monster was going to talk with the dad because he was blind and wouldn't be afraid of the monster's horrible looks. Just before he could get to the talking the kids come back. The kids are horrified by the monster's looks and chase him away from the house. The Monster then became mad at his creator and wants revenge on him. Willam was walking through the woods and the monster choked him to death. After telling Victor the story the monster asks him to build a partner for him.
             Victor first agrees and travels to England to get the plans to build a women. While there Victor thinks about all the bad things that could come out of the two monsters. What if they had offspring and they all were evil? Victor would be the one responsible with a killing family. Victor then dumps everything he made into the water. He sails to land and is accused of murdering his best friend. Victor later is proven not guilty and sets up a marriage with Elizabeth. After getting married the monster kills Elizabeth in her bedroom. Victor dies shortly after.
             Besides the fact that this is really unrealistic the story was good.

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