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Adventure is necessary in life

            "The Willingness to Undertake Adventure is a Necessary Part of a Happy Existence".
             People in today's world lack a sense of adventure. It seems that a person's life would have a little adventure in it, or it wouldn't be very enjoyable. Adventure in my opinion, is one of the essence of life. Today, people are very cautious about jumping into something new and adventurous. It makes you wonder how dull their lives really are. The cautious ones need to realize that the willingness to undertake adventure is a necessary part of a happy existence.
             A variety of sports are adventurous to a lot of people today. Some people race cars, living their lives a quarter mile at a time. Skydivers jump out of an airplane, to escape their daily stress and push their adrenaline to the max. Boxing, two individuals in the ring battling it out for points. Xtreme sports, such as mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding ect. are all ways to be adventurous. People choose these sports to escape the real world, and have fun pushing their limits. .
             Some people consider their careers to be an adventure. Who would have thought that someone's job would be an adventure. Police risk their lives on a daily basis, not to say that you need to risk your life to be adventurous. Lawyers, with the thrill of winning their case, or even the fear of losing their case, their career is adventurous. Fireman running through a blazing building to make sure everyone is evacuated. Paramedics arriving on the scene of an automobile accident or shooting, that's excitement. Doctors who have people's lives in their hands daily. All of these careers are different, but have one thing in common adventure and excitement.
             Vacationing, or just traveling in general, is a good way to adventure around and explore new places and cultures. There are many different ways people adventure while traveling. Some go on hunting and fishing expeditions. Hiking through many different places and terrain.

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