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             As I have gone through life, I have learned about many religions. The one religion that sticks out in my mind is the denomination of Christianity called Mormonism. I have had many conversations with certain Mormons. I have talked with them when they came by my house and I have accepted their flyers. I have a friend here at college who is a Mormon as well. In this paper, I will talk about the differences between Roman Catholicism and Mormonism, formally known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I will start off talking about the existence of man in this world, and then I will talk about Jesus Christ and how Mormons and Roman Catholics perceive Him differently, after that, I will delve into the Mormon's thoughts on God the Father, as well as the Roman Catholic's point of view. Then I will go into each religion's theory on salvation and the future. .
             The first topic I will discuss is how Mormons think humans come into existence, and then how Roman Catholics believe humans come into existence. First off, Mormons believe that man, or people, exist as spirit beings before being born. They believe physical birth gives bodies to these spirits, along with that, the opportunity to choose right from wrong, making our present life a period of probation in which we are tested. The way we live our life determines where we will be after the resurrection of Jesus. If we live a righteous life and follow the book of Mormon, for Mormons, we will become equals to God. This will allow us to spirit children, which is the way God, the father, populated the earth (Smith, Joseph 46). Roman Catholics do not believe that we are pre-existing spirits before we are conceived into this world. Also, Roman Catholics do not believe that we will ever be on the same level as God, the Father, even if we go to heaven. We can become like him in certain ways, but not fully like him. Finally, that Roman Catholics believe that we will not populate other worlds once we die.

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