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            Should the harvesting of krill in the Antarctic region continue to be restricted, or should fisheries all over the world be allowed to harvest krill at any rate they choose?.
             I think that the harvesting of krill should continue to be restricted because of three reasons. First of all, krill is such an important species that it is not safe to tamper with it. If krill became endangered or rare, there would be serious problems among the food web, and a lot of consumers (animals) that feed on krill would suffer. Second, There are already reports that krill were at one time over fished in areas such as Japan. Krill is not a popular human-consumed product, so to limit the amount of legal fishing is not asking much of the public. Humans are not near as dependent on krill as the ocean is, so we should just leave it alone for the marine world. Third, krill flourishes in the ocean because of the conditions it is in. This is how nature works its course, and to try to emulate that process would be impossible. The waters in the Antarctic region provide the proper circulation, the perfect temperature, and the essential biological elements. Krill is crucial to the life in the ocean, and to intervene with the productive processes it is currently taking would interfere with the cycles that occur among the animals in the food chain. We should continue to restrict the fishing and tampering of krill as long as it continues to maintain a successful and productive cycle in the ocean.

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