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Killer Angels

             Harrison discovers that there are thousands of soldiers from the Union heading north. The Union is planning a surprise attack on the Confederate army. During the middle of the night Harrison returns to the Confederate camp and reports everything he saw to a general named James Longstreet. Longstreet informs General Robert E. Lee, so they decide to move west to a town named Gettysburg. .
             Meanwhile, Union Colonel, Joshua L. Chamberlain receives 120 new men. Although being mutineers, all but six agree to join the Twentieth Maine. General John Buford, commander of the Union Calvary, enters Gettysburg with 2,500 men. There he spots Confederate infantry and warns General John Reynolds that even more Confederates would arrive the next morning.
             July 1, 1863.
             Robert E. Lee is worried, because General Stuart has not reported back. Everybody thinks that Stuart should be court-martialed for taking to long on his report of the Union army, but Lee believes Stuart is too valuable and will come back. Lee is informed that the new commander for the Union is George Meade and just as they head towards Gettysburg, they hear firing. .
             The attack had started and the Confederates outnumbered the Union. Buford awaited General Reynolds to comeback and aide the Union with a bigger infantry. Once General Reynolds arrived most of the Union army had been massacred. Reynolds provides the relief they needed, but as he charged down towards the Confederates, he was an easy target and was shot down. .
             When Robert E. Lee arrives, he is surprised to see that a small battle had already broken out. The Union was backing down and retreated upon Cemetery Hill. Chamberlain marches towards Gettysburg and awaits till the next day to attack. Longstreet talks to an English observer, and they exchange philosophies on the purpose of the war and why they are fighting on the side of the Confederates. Longstreet becomes depressed when he is remembered of his 3 dead children and his lonely wife.

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