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Andy Warhol research paper

            During Warhol's childhood, he did not have a great relationship with his dad, he was known to many as a momma's boy. He would go with her to pick out hats, skirts, and hung out with almost all girls at school, which is said to be the start of his homosexual tendencies. Many of the girls inspired him and that's how he started art, he just drew his friends, especially his best friend Margie Girman. He and Margie often went to see movies together and this would help his pop-art later in life. After the movie, ushers would pass out autographed pictures of the actors and actresses which Warhol used later in his works. Both the art, girls as friends, and his wanted seclusion, Warhol was a prime target for bullies from middle school and then on. His art progressed very well and rapidly from the age of 6 to high school. He applied to both Pittsburgh University, and Carnegie Institute of Technology.
             After the discovery of Andy Warhol's talent as an artist in high school, he chose the Department of Painting and Design at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in nineteen forty-five. The college is now known as Carnegie Mellon. He was the first in his family to attend any sort of college or advanced education as his older and younger brothers went straight to work much like their father. In College,Warhol studied illustration and design with artist Robert Lepper and artist Samuel Rosenberg; both well known artists around the area. Warhol also studied with Balcomb Green, a nationally recognized artist during his years at the university. (Katz, pg. ) Warhol, even through college, was promoted and exposed to many different types of art, especially from his educators who also were well known artists. Some of these styles included a variety of aesthetic visions, including African art, surrealist films, and the work of Paul Klee who I would say seemed to be his mentor and his greatest teacher.

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