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Analysis of To His Coy Mistress

            In the first verse of To His Coy Mistress, he begins by announcing his intentions. He talks about how they would spend long hours walking side by side. He would place her by Ganges, because she is so exotic, and himself by the Humber. Here he uses obvious flattery. He then talks about how he would love her till the conversion of the Jews, (basically for eternity, as the Jews are famed for their ability to survive persecution and exile). He talks about 'vegetable love.' He means here that his love will form slowly over time, slowly growing to a size so big it is 'Vaster than Empires.' He says he will take ages to appreciate every part of her body, because, ( flattery again) he enthuses 'you deserve this state'.
             In the penultimate verse he moves onto saying that he senses 'Times winged Charriot hurrying near.' He says that when she dies he can't embrace her, nor can she keep her honour. Everything will wither and only worms can have her. Here he resorts to some crude tactics. He tries shocks us by saying 'then worms shall try, that long preserv'd virginity' This comes after some poetic descriptions of timeless and immortal love. This gives us the impression that he is hell bent on a single seedy goal.
             In the final verse, he opens by flattering her, comparing her skin to the morning dew. He wants them to 'sport' while they can. He goes on to say that although they can not hold back time, they can make fly by, by having such fun.

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