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The Conception of Gods and Mortals

            In the beginning the only being that existed in the world was a bear named Onyx and there was no earth, no sky, no trees, no other animals or mortals, just Onyx and an abyss of darkness. Onyx floated hopelessly about the darkness in search of a companion or a lover to fill that void in his heart. But there was no hope, he became fatigue and gradually was deteriorating, he would die if he did not find food or a lover to at least continue his lineage. Onyx decided to accept his fate and he fell to his death. And he began to decay and each part of his body formed the order of the universe. .
             Half of Onyx's organs floated up into the air to form the sky, sun, and clouds. And the rest floated down to form the earth, trees, sea, and mountains. But there still was this emptiness because there were no humans or animals to populate the earth or gods to roam the heavens. The earth and sky was slowly disappearing and the apocalypse was near, the abyss of darkness would once again dominate the world. Finally, the first sign of life began to stir in Onyx's heart and out from his heart sprang the first god, his name was Amorous. He was handsome with golden blond locks the embodiment of perfection. He came from the heart thus he would become the god of love. Amorous carried a violin which played a beautiful melody that had the ability to make anyone fall in love. But this became useless because the earth and the heavens lack one essential element, a women or goddess that would be his lover and mother of his children. .
             A gloom of loneliness struck Amorous and he was about to take his life because he felt he had no reason to exist. Until, this personification of sensuality sprung out of Onyx's genitals. Her name was Penelope, and she became the goddess of lust and physical attraction hence her place of birth, she was a temptress and could make anyone fall in love with her. Penelope also became overwhelm with loneliness because there was no one in sight to tempt and please her.

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