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Harriet Tubman

             The Most Famous Conductor of the Trackless Train.
             Harriet Tubman the most active "Greatest Conductor- of "The Trackless Train-(U.s. News) and perhaps one of the best known and African-Americans during the Civil War. Many African Americans knew her as "Moses of her people-(voices of triumph); "Moses being the biblical figure who led Jews from Egypt-(world book encyclopedia vol 19) helped about 300 enslaved African (the new encyclopedia Britannica) travel north reaching and crossing over Mason-Dixon Line, the line that divided the free from the slave states (us News).
             Born into slavery in 1820, Harriet Tubman, daughter of Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green, was one of eleven children (Magill 5: 2342). She was a third generation slave, "her ancestors of Ashanti decent, had been brought to the United States from what is now Central Ghana in Africa in 1725 (us news).
             Harriet was born on a plantation in a rural community named Bucktown, which was located on the eastern coast of Maryland in Dorchester County, which was located by Cambridge. Her master, Edward Brodas, gave her the name Araminta Ross; however disliking the name Araminta, she quickly took up her mother's name and became known as Harriet Ross (Magill 5: 2342). .
             Harriet never acquired any schooling and started working as a maid and baby-sitter at the young age of five. Once when Harriet was baby-sitting, she dosed off and the crying baby had awakened the mistress. The woman pummeled the young Harriett severely about the face and neck for not tending to the baby's needs (Magill 5: 2342). When Harriet was six she was hired out to a new master that taught her how to trap Muskrats and weave .On one occasion he caught her stealing a sugar cube from his table and she had to run away to avoid punishment. When she returned tired and hungry after several days' absents she was given no mercy and beaten severely. (Magill 5: 2342). At the age of seven, she was hired out to other plantation owners to do housework and to care for white children on nearby farms, and later becomes a field hand (Compton Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe).

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