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Egg Rolls, Made Easy

            Many people assume egg rolls are hard to make. If they only knew it is as easy as learning to operate a food processor. Egg rolls are a great tasting way to get the daily requirement of several vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, and fiber. This paper will give step-by-step instructions on how to make egg rolls. First, the ingredients will have to be collected. A trip to the grocery store will probably be needed for this recipe because many of the ingredients are not usually kept around the house. The following ingredients are required: one pound of lean ground beef, one pound of mild sausage, one large head of green cabbage, two pounds of fresh carrots, one large, yellow onion, two bunches of green onions, one package of tofu, two eggs, one fourth cup of salt and several packages of egg roll wraps or won ton wraps. The following non-perishable items will also be needed: two large mixing bowls, one small bowl, vegetable brush, pastry brush, food processor, large bottle of cooking oil, and a deep fryer. Do not heat the oil at this time.
             The second step to making egg rolls is to clean and prepare the vegetables. They will each need scrubbed with a vegetable brush and any bad areas need removed. One-by-one the cabbage, onion, green onion, and carrots can be shredded in the food processor. As they are shredded, put them in one of the large mixing bowls and set aside. The third step is to prepare the meat and the egg. Blend the ground beef, sausage, and the tofu together in the other large mixing bowl. After blending the meat thoroughly, add the shredded vegetables and the salt. Beat the eggs in the small bowl. This will act as a sealing agent for the pastry so the vegetables will not leak out during the frying process. The most time consuming step is rolling. The wraps should be cream colored with a light flour coating to keep them soft and flexible. They should not have hard, brittle corners.

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