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The Outcasts of Poker Flats

            7) (a) How is Oakhurst's occupation reflected in his attitude toward life? (b) What does Harte mean when he writes that Oakhurst "was at once the strongest and yet the weakest of the outcasts of Poker Flat"?.
             (a)Oakhurst occupation reflected in his attitude toward life, because his occupation was a gambler, and in gambling the most successful and feared gamblers are those of which who keep and calm and nonchalant appearance to the opponent. His attitude towards life is based on the same thing; he always keeps calm, and never really shows emotion. .
             (b)What Harte means by this quote was that even though Oakhurst shows, on the outside, his appearance, his attitude that he is the strongest, and that he is the leader. On the inside is personally actually was weaker than any other of the outcasts. So the whole time everybody thought he was the tough guy, he actually wasn't.
             8) How do Mother Shipton and The Duchess change over the course of the story?.
             Mother Shipton and the Duchess change over the course of the story by taking the roll of power. It seemed to switch. Because the Duchess seemed to be calm and trying to have a good time, but when they finally broke down, Mother Shipton took the role of being the leader, and or the person who worried the least. .
             9) Though the characters in this story have little in common, they band together in support of one another. What kind of situations tend to draw people together in real life?.
             Situations in real life that tend to pull people together are usually times of stress or un-comfort. For example a death in the family or somebody getting critically injured seems to bring people together, unfortunately. A perfect example of this is on September 11, the terrorist attack band the whole country together, blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, every race because of the tragedy. Also holidays could be another sort of way that people bang together in real life in celebrating a holiday, but tragedy's mainly I think is what tend to draw them together.

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