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A Look on American Classics

             As Huck Finn travels down the Mississippi River, he stumbles upon some.
             Scout rediscovers many of her fellow students,.
             and close neighbors and she must endure the horrors of mans feelings and.
             stereotypes. There are many things she does not understand, or is not meant.
             to. Despite this, she seems to see through the cloud of deception wrought by.
             her antediluvian elders, with the lantern of a pure, compassionate child.
             Three major themes that Mark Twain and Harper Lee explore in Huckleberry.
             Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird are appearance versus reality, the corruption.
             and materialism of humans, and the importance of compassion.
             Many people have secrets. Huck Finn has many encounters with the dangerous.
             fruit of secrets. Huck fools Jim many times, and tricks him into thinking,.
             "You couldn't 'a' got drunk in that time, so of course you've been dreaming".
             (84)! When, in reality, he wasn't dreaming and there really was fog. After.
             he started to "'terperet" (84) it felt like he was trying to make his life.
             easier by making up an explanation for things he doesn't understand. As Huck.
             is trying to free Jim under the guise of Tom Sawyer, the real Tom Sawyer.
             says, "I'll help you steal him"(226)! despite his image of Negro.
             indifference. It comes to show you that people aren't always what they seem.
             People also try to get things they want through deception. Huck and company.
             trick the little slave boy into thinking "It's de dad-blame' witches" (237)!.
             They also find out later that the "Old man with a baldhead and whiskers".
             (120), the King, looked quite humble, but was in fact very corrupt.
             In To Kill a Mockingbird many people are not what they appear. They live two.
             lives, one that everyone sees, and one that they keep deep, down, and.
             concealed. Mr. Cunningham first appeared to be a lowly, unkempt man, but in.
             actuality, "The Cunningham's never took what they could not pay back" (20).
             showing that many people are different than their appearance.

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