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Stephen king on writing

             Whenever someone mentions the name Stephen King, people tend to contemplate about writings of horror and fiction. The average American recognizes his name and face, he is also acknowledged as "The King of Horror" (Casebeer 207). This is because Stephen King is a well-perceived and talented author. Throughout Stephen King's life, his experiences have greatly influenced his works. King's writings of horror are a direct result from his experiences of his father abandoning his family, his witnessing the death of a friend, and his tragic high school years as an adolescent. .
             Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Main on the twenty first of September 1947. King's brother, David King, was born in 1945. King's parents are Nellie Ruth Pilsbury and Donald King. In 1954, King started writing short fiction modeled after science fiction and adventure stories and movies. Through 1962 and 1966, King attended Lisbond Falls, Maine High school. After high school, King received a scholarship to attend the University of Maine at Orono, where he became an English major through 1966 to 1970. During college, he wrote a weekly column called "King's Garbage Truck" for the college newspaper. In 1971 through 1973, King married Tabitha Spruce, and sold Carrie to Doubleday (Magistrale xi). If it were not for Tabitha pulling Carrie out of the trash, Stephen would have never been published. King's children are Joe Hillstrom, Owen Phillip, and Naomi Rachel. By 1982, there were over twenty-five million copies of King's books in print and many of his novels had been translated into different languages (Saidman 33).
             In 1949, when Stephen King was just two years old, Donald King disappeared permanently from his family. There were no indications as to where Donald had withdrawn to. A few years later in life, King found a collection of paperbacks of fantasy-horror and fiction novels, as well as clippings of his father's favorite authors.

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