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             Someone once said, "eat right and exercise and you"ll be fine." There is much more to life than eating nutritional food and exercising. Some people don't even have the ambition to be healthy. Others will only think of their financial status, finding any edge to make more money. People like that often become lonely and greedy. Some people are deceiving and will act as friends but in actuality, there is a hidden price to the comradeship that is boasted. Many people chase different things in life in order to make their life better. The majority people overlook the importance of friendship. Friendship is very important for the well being of mankind. If Gilligan, the skipper, the professor, and the rest of the cast of "Gilligan's Island" weren't friends, then what would have happened to the community? A friend could be a person's last branch for help, but they should be the first. Friends choose each other, so the relationship has a small but significant difference from the members in one's family, because a family is something people are born into. Making a friend is like picking a family member. There is a common misconception that friends are not family but, as stated by Mr. Feeny, from the popular ABC sitcom "Boy Meets World" , "You don't need to be blood to be family." People as a whole are not to blame for the neglect of the importance of friendship. Teachers in schools need to take part in working to improve the lives of the world by implementing the importance of friendship and strong social networks into a regular curriculum for students at a young age. Because real life situations and medical investigations confirm that attaining friendship will improve one's quality of life, elementary students need to be taught more in the class room about the psychological and physical importance of friendship.
             In school, groups of friends are often referred to as cliques. Belonging to a group of people stimulates the mind.

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