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How to cut a Bob hair cut

             When your client first comes in you need to have a consultation with him or her to find out exactly what they want and expect from this haircut . For example is it to be worn straight, curly or do they want easy maintenance or do not mind working with it for twenty minutes. After you have discussed this with your client and both are understanding then you can start the haircut. To give a good haircut you have to listen to your client and know what they want.
             When your client wants a bob haircut with the sides a little longer so that when she bends her head down she will see the slant on the sides falling towards the front of her face. The first thing to do is drape your client with a towel around the neck and a cape over that. Then you get your scissor out and comb. Ask the client to remove any jewelry she or he may be wearing and place them in a safe place. Ask the client to sit up straight and get ready to lend back into the shampoo bowl. .
             Start with a clean and conditioned head. Making sure that the head has been shampoo twice and when applying a conditioner always mix between the hands and apply to the ends of the hair first, this is where the hair is the porous. Always remember the rinse is the most important step here at this point. Once you have cleanse the head and towel dried you are now ready for the initial haircut. Remembering the consultation you had earlier with your client makes this part a little easier knowing that you can give her satisfaction.
             Start sectioning the hair into four section making a part from the front of the forehead in the middle going all the way back to the nape area. Then part the hair from ear to ear crossing over the crown. Using a four section parting and butterfly clips to hold the hair out of the way. Start at the nape releasing a one inch section across the bottom and cutting this on a horizontal cut straight across so this is the guide you go by for the rest of the cut.

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