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"Sticks and Stones and Sports

            The thesis statement of Richard Estrada's essay "Sticks and Stones and Sports Team Names" in the St. Martin's Guide is located in the third paragraph of the essay where the author is describing that "the practice of using people as mascots are dehumanizing." As in the other essay "Sticks and Stones Can Put You in Jail, but Can Words Increase your Sentence?" the thesis is concerning an issue of going to jail simply because of saying a person's own free opinion to the court. These two essayists assert their thesis statements by asserting their opinion toward the subject. They are arguing over a controversial that is going on in society. One is using the mascots as one and the other uses people's conviction's as the other. In both cases the thesis are in dialogue with each other by having related occurrences within each other.
             Eric Schlosser organizes chapter one of Fast Food Nation by describing problem that is going on in American Society. He is using many resources to show the reader the problem about fast food restaurants. The resource he uses is mostly statistics he piled up about fast food restaurants. These statistics consisted of the percentage of people who became obese because of the fast food or show how unhealthy it is to the public, these statistics are to show the reader the relevance to his thesis. Schlosser starts his text in such an open manner to give attention to the reader of what's going on with the country. .

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