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Analysis of Mercedes Benz

            Analysis: 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Advertisement #1.
             This advertisement for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class series automobile uses several effective rhetorical devices. Initially, the lack of color gives the impression of a classical and somewhat elegant item. It is also important to note the location of the car itself, far to the right of the two-page ad. This alone is contradictory to contemporary advertising methods because of subconscious human behavior. When a person views an ad, his eyes instinctively look towards the top-left corner of the page, a mannerism due to reading. What seems peculiar then, about the placement of the car, is that it is the opposite direction of where the reader looks. This, along with a very small description that seems to fade in with the background, gives the viewer the perception that the name and persona of Mercedes-Benz speak for itself.
             In the advertisement, the model shown is being compared to a train, both traveling at what seems to be high speeds. The train is matching the speed of the car yet looks to be behind it at the same time, an assessment caused by the following train-cars fading into the horizon. It thus makes the car seem to be going faster. Along with that, the train seems to be engulfed in a large cloud of smoke, demonstrating that the train is struggling to persevere. The vehicle appears to be calm and clearly focused; an image that contradicts with the neighboring train. There is no sign of dust behind or around the car even though it seems to be traveling on a dirt road. The size alone of the train would seem sufficient to intimidate the vehicle, but it seems that the car is just as powerful and influential.
             The train in the image symbolizes strength, power, speed and vigilance. Comparing such qualities to the car shows that the vehicle contains those qualities in itself. Along with the slogan, "Performance. Unlike any other,"" it is implied that there is no other machine or vehicle that compares to the car, thus giving the reasoning to the use of a train.

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