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            In this digital world, the idea of obtaining any materialistic pleasures with a computer is simply amazing to me. It initiates an already growing problem with scarcity and unlimited wants. The fact that everyone with a computer could have free music all the time is quite appealing? Of course, as with anything else, there are limits to what enjoyment we can have by suggesting that we are being morally judged. This seems to be the hidden question behind all the other piracy-related jargon. MP3 piracy and the moral fibers that bind us together are changing our lives right in front of us, while technology is bringing us closer realizing it. Those who produce intellectual property and those who benefit from it are currently debating the implications it may have on the future of online music. There are basically two sides to the issue. On the one hand, there are those corporate monsters that scream copyright infringement and push with litigation. The recording industry, for the most part, suggests that it is wrong to copy works from others and perhaps return profits for them. This is the basic notion that ideas have value. The primary concern for these people is the lack of revenue from the sale of music albums in stores. They encourage legislation for the sole purpose of protecting their own interests. They don't agree with web sites distributing free music files of which have copyright protection. Moreover, the record industry is investing in new media venture, and seeking partners, to develop online music services for its consumers. This may indeed be the unbalancing of the arguments because they have more influence over government decisions than do the consumers. They can advise governments on the laws needed to protect artists and their creations. In contrast, there are those consumer groups that feel it is a good way to promote little-known artists" music, thus becoming the springboard for their shot at success.

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