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            The black and white photograph of a beautiful woman in a seductive pose deserves at least a glance from both men and women alike. Chivas Regal, a premium scotch whiskey, uses its advertisement in the October 2002 issue of Playboy, to allow the readers mind to lust over the tasteful photograph. By associating natural beauty with a quality liquor in a men's magazine this advertisement forms a social hierarchy where the female gender is associated with enjoyment and pleasure. .
             The photograph is appealing to men because the picture gives its audience a freeze frame image of a woman in a position that is unnaturally close and shows the curves and skin texture commonly associated with an attractive woman. The advertisement plays to a male's visual nature.
             The ideas of enjoyment and pleasure are common among alcohol advertisements. Liquor companies will go to great lengths to associate alcohol and having a good time. This advertisement goes a step further by incorporating the phrases, "Yes, God is a man," "when you know," and "Drink responsibly (but you already know that)." These are all phrases that imply a male dominance over women.
             "Yes, God is a Man," accompanied with the natural beauty of the women leads readers to think that God placed women on this world for the enjoyment of men. God created this beauty for it to be admired and enjoyed by the opposite sex. There is truth to this idea. In general females take more time to get ready to go out at night. The traits that are commonly associated with females such as longer hair, makeup, and manicured nails are activities that are done to make them more presentable to the opposite sex. Also the style of dress that the female is associated with in western culture is more revealing. Wearing tight pants and low cut shirts are not worn for comfort. They are worn to allure a male and remedy the visual lust that all men have for their perspective partners.

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