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How Racism Affects Young Black Men Growning Up in the World

             Where ever you go in the history of the world there has always been racism against blacks and other races. Many people have to deal with racism whether they like it or not. Bigger Thomas is a character from the novel, "Native Son", by Richard Wright, which deals with a young man dealing with racism through out his life.
             Bigger, a young black man who lived in Chicago in the 1930s. He grew up in a ghetto called, "Black Belt", he was just a young black man trying to make ends meat. Bigger and his family were living in a one room apartment with his mother and his teenaged siblings, Vera and Buddy. His mother and his sister shared one bed, Buddy and Bigger shared the other, on an opposite end of the crowded living space. One day Bigger and his family got a notice saying their welfare checks were going to be stopped. Bigger had no choice but to get a job anywhere that he could. .
             . One day Bigger got an interview with the Daltons as a chauffer. Bigger thinks back to his mother's words that wealthier whites were fairer and less bigoted than poorer whites that always feel threatened by enterprising blacks. When bigger arrives to the Daltons home a white maid welcomes him inside. When Mr. Dalton arrives he greets bigger. He is sincere in his efforts to make biggers interview less stressful and more casual. Bigger is hired with a weekly salary of $25 a week. He has to give his mother $20 for the necessities in the house hold. Richard only keeps $5 for himself, living in a room above the Daltons kitchen.
             Bigger drives Mary the Daltons daughter and her boyfriend around. Bigger leaves her boyfriend by the train station. Bigger then proceeds to take Mary back home but she is drunk and talking a lot. When bigger arrives to the Daltons home Mary is sleeping. Bigger has to pick her up and take her upstairs to her bed. When bigger puts her down on her bed, Mrs.

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