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Dulce Est Decorum Est

            Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.
             The poem "Dulce et Decorum est" by Wilfred Owen gives us an inside view of what it was like for soldiers in the appalling conditions of trench warfare from 1914 until 1918.
             This poem lets the readers build up a picture of what men during the First World War had to endure; pain, food rationing, trench foot, mustard gas and even if you were very unfortunate, you could be lying in no-mans-land injured, screaming and shouting.
             An image that paints a vivid picture in our heads of the horrific nature of war is shown in verse one. There we are given one of the expressions used by Owen to compare the men like "old beggars under sacks". This gives us an impression of what it must have been like for the soldiers. The awful weather, day after day, causing the land they walked over to turn into slime. The uniforms worn by the men would have been torn, dirty and pieces missing causing the men to be unhappy. They had to march in almost impossible conditions. " Knock-kneed coughing like hags- Here we can visualise an image of a body bent double, wheezing and coughing like old witches, shattering the body in one blow! The young men are referred to as "hags", in other words old women compared as witches. The impact that Owen draws upon the reader is of young men who are no longer young but who look old and dying in amongst the crud. The terrifying outlook of war automatically springs to mind when the expression, " We cursed through sludge- is used. The repeated u sound drags our concentration to the men's awareness's as they trudge their way through the gunge. A mixture of the slime and mud brought a sheer devastating effect upon the brave men but they didn't notice it because they were so tired and exhausted of fighting that they just plodded on through the waterlogged earth. The trenches were filled with smells of contamination as they walk through the freezing cold water that they had to persist on tramping in.

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