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Waco and David Koresh

             When the tragedy happened at Waco with David Koresh, to many it resembled the tragedy with Jim Jones in Guyana. Jim Jones and David were alike in many ways as leaders of their occults. The death toll in Guyana was over 900, in Waco it was about 90.
             In the mass suicide in Guyana, Jim Jones and his group were found out in the jungle, after all had drank cyanide laced Flavor-Aid. Not all were believed to have taken their own lives, authorities believe some were forced to drink it, while others were killed for not taking it.
             Jeanine and Al Mills were former Peoples temple members under Jim Jones. They left the cult after Jeannine and Jim had a falling out. After they left, they started a halfway house for ex-cult members. It is believed that if they had not helped Congressman Leo Ryan plan his expedition to Jonestown for a closer look at the cult, the massacre may not have ever happened. Jones was not going to let any outsider get that close to his compound. .
             Jim Jones was very abusing to all of his members. He physically, sexually, and emotionally abused them. This was to make them believe this was the only life they could ever have, because they were awful people. Even though he did all of this, the members believed he was literally God, and would do anything he asked of them.
             David Koresh was a dyslexic child, who was preyed upon by older boys. .
             After David got involved with Lois Roden, who was a minister for a Feast of the New Moon Service, he started assuming the role of prophet. He got into a power conflict with Lois's son, George, because they both thought they should be the heir to the throne. George won the title to the land and kicked David out.
             Koresh wandered from 1984 to 1988, when he returned to Mount Carmel with nine families who were following him. He managed to get the property back from George.
             Koresh got along well with the people in the community. He was known to have visitors to his home frequently, and help any of them that needed it.

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