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            The relationship marketing takes various forms and practices in many different countries.
             The practices of relationship marketing are largely shaped by historical and cultural factors. In.
             Japan, in the pursuit of establishing relationships, large manufacturers with their financial and.
             technical resources have expanded their dominance even over distribution channel. They took.
             control of wholesalers and retail outlets. These affiliated stores are known as "keiretsu." The.
             original concept of keiretsu was expanded to greater application in the business structure, creating.
             closely knitted group of diverse business entities. The keirestu has been one of the key elements for.
             the Japanese economic miracle in the postwar era. The keiretsu is a sort of teamwork concept with.
             close cooperation within the members. However, the exclusive nature of the keiretsu structure and.
             practices benefits the members of the group at the expense of unfair competition in the marketplace.
             The practices have also limited foreign investment and competition in the global village. Obviously,.
             some changes are needed in these structures and practices, especially in the environment of an.
             increasing trend of free trade.
             In every college marketing classroom, long-term relationships between sellers and buyers, and.
             between business to business are strongly emphasized so as to enhance long term benefits to both.
             parties. However, the forms and method of establishing relationships are varied in every country.
             This is so, because the practices of relationships are shaped by historical and cultural context. The.
             relationship marketing has been one of the major subjects of great interest to many academicians and.
             business communities in recent time.
             We also stress that customer today is seeking individualized product that meet his/her.
             particular need. They demand a high quality and tailor-made goods and services. This is true,.
             because customers have easy access to information of all kinds of product through internet and.


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