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Racial Issues: From the Origin of Blacks

             Racial Issues: From the Origins of Blacks to Slavery.
             From Christianity to Black Religion.
             This research paper will examine the works of such scholarly authors as Louis Ruchames, John Henry Hopkins, James W. C. Pennington, Samuel G. Morton, Louis Agassiz, Audrey Smedley, Wilson Moses and others about their views on race, slavery and religion. This paper will use the ideas from the Bible and the views of other authors to trace the origin of blacks, the ideas of slavery, and how slavery and Christianity amalgamate to form different views of the slavery institution. Then, it will discover how Christianity became the basis of black religion. Furthermore, this paper will help to understand what race is, why race began and what different authors thought about the black race. It will also examine how the views of race affected society and the ideas of religion to this day. Although race is considered, a fiction with no scientific basis, many scholars have formulated scientific experiments for race. Other scholars have only talked about race scientifically and some chose not to use science at all but factual, historic evidence from sacred texts. This paper will examine each idea to develop a synopsis that will intertwine the ideas for a greater understanding of race, slavery and religion. .
             Part I.
             Racial Issues:.
             From the Origins of Blacks.
             To Slavery.
             CHAPTER ONE.
             What is Race?.
             "Differences in terms of durable and hereditary group characteristics, [as well as] physical or mental [characteristics] constitute racial thinking."# Audrey Smedley also argues this point by stating that "although everyone will mention physical features, almost always racial traits also will include certain learned behaviors such as music styles, mannerisms, and assumed personality traits", which are also comprised of racial thinking (Smedley 1999, 13). Thinking racially is what must be done in order to come up with an answer to the riddle; what is race? It is thought of as a riddle because it requires some ingenuity to answer such a puzzling question.

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