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             How has your family influenced your development and how will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?.
             My family has influenced my development by encouraging me to work towards and achieve my goals, by teaching me valuable life lessons, and by helping the community around us. My family has been very influential in my journey towards success and becoming a well-rounded person. They have always pushed me to strive for excellence in any activity, be it academics or athletics. They have always supported me through the difficult situations I have faced, and have given me advice on how to get through them. They have provided me with every opportunity imaginable, and will continue to do so in my attempt to become a Physical Therapist, a goal of mine since I was a young child.
             My Father has taught me commitment, determination, and a good work ethic through his twenty-six hard years working for Coca-Cola Enterprises. He started as a truck driver and a dream. That dream was to climb the corporate ladder and to take care and provide for his family. He has achieved his goal, and is currently in a management position for Coca-Cola Midwest. The hard work he put into his job taught me the three important lessons that I will soon use: commitment, determination, and a good work ethic. He became my role model by providing me with the necessary tools, beliefs, and strong will to achieve my own goals. .
             My Mother has taught me kindness, compassion, and love. She taught me how to push yourself when things weren't the best. She had helped young children and the mentally handicap in her previous career choices. Through these, she has shown me how to become a better person and be more sensitive towards other's needs. These people relied on my Mother to help them perform tasks in life that we take for granted such as eating, writing, or communicating. Knowing these were not the most highly paid jobs, they were very respectful because of the kindness, compassion, and love that she gave towards anyone who came into contact with her.

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