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Cat on a hot tin roof

            The play was called "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", by Tennessee Williams which was a serious drama piece performed by a group of students at Aiglon College Theatre. .
             The characters in the play were excellent at their performance. .
             The originally characters were:.
             - Big Daddy Pollit.
             - Big Mama Pollit.
             - Brick Pollit .
             - Maggie Pollit.
             - Mae Pollit.
             - Gooper Pollit .
             - Skipper.
             There are three main characters I am going to talk about because even though they are the main characters, they were excellent.
             - Big Daddy played by Colin Laurin. In the play he is described "a tall man with a fierce, anxious look." Which Colin accomplish successfully, He shouted when he needed to and acted as the part of the character. .
             - Big Mama played by Ayinda Umaru. She plays Big Daddy's wife and the mother of Brick and Gooper. She acknowledges only what she wishes to, and generally ignores the rest of the more blatant unhappiness surrounding her. In the play she refuses to believe that Big Daddy is dying from cancer. Ayinda role was quite a hard role to play and she was very good at it. You could hear her loud and clear and you knew what she was doing.
             - Brink played by John Koach and Giovanni Agostinelli. He was a former high school and college football luminary and son of a wealthy plantation owner, Brick is a star in the process of imploding. The death of a close friend effectively ends his marriage, and he turns to alcohol for solace, Caught up in an inner battle between his love for another man and his disgust with the implications of that love, any path Brick may choose he will lose a part of himself. He's going to have to kill something in himself to live. They both managed to get threw the performance successfully.
             Big Daddy was very loud and clear when he was speaking. He uses a aggressive voice when he shouts which makes people afraid of him. He moved around a lot and used different places to sit and say his lines he never stood in one place therefore he used a lot of space up which was provided on the stage.

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