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moral decisions

            What is the best framework for making moral decisions?.
             Throughout our lives, we had always tried to be the best we can, to overexceed others expectatives and specially ours. We want to make the right decisions in order to have a god and remembered past, present and future. But how can we know if our decisions are the right ones? How if at all can we differentiate whether our actions are right or wrong?.
             Well it is not always easy to know what is best for us, that is why we should know how to judge actions. There are several ways in which we can distinguish one from another. Here is when different frameworks of moral theories come into part. We need to know that in order to become a truly good person we have to: follow rules, follow self-interest, look at the consequences and finally pursue "true happiness".
             When it comes to follow rules, deontological theories are being applied, also referred as "acting from duty". Kant based morality on reasoning. Kant ethics of duty mentions that there are three elements that form the basis of his theory. First, an action has moral worth if it is done for the sake of duty. Second, an action is morally correct if its maxim can be willed as a universal law. And finally, we should always treat humanity, whether in ourselves or other people, as an end in itself and never merely as mean to an end. .
             According to Kant, what makes a good person is when you make good even though it does not help you or if it affects you. I believe that this is true when it comes to help someone without expecting a reward from them. It is an uninterested way of doing good without constantly thinking what we can get back or what are going to be the consequences of our actions. Kant states that goals should be dictated by reason alone. But what is reason? Reason is the key to enlightment. He says that "Correct exercise of reason will enable us to work together for a better world." With this I understand that if we work as a whole we can perform better actions for the human sake.

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