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Computers In Factory

             Just imagine a society where each of the blue-collared working.
             class members has the privilege to lie around their homes, watching Jerry.
             Springer and indulging in the fine delicacy of junk food all day. A worldly.
             population that is trapped within the massive corporate world is.
             unavoidable. Cities run by powerful, bloodthirsty executive committees,.
             seeking to increase their profit margin by providing a surplus amount goods.
             for the people, but at the same time will deplete the earth of its natural.
             resources and stability.
             That's where today's technological miracles have thrust us. Many.
             of today's factories have begun to use "smart-technology" and "artificial-.
             intelligence" to replace thousands of workers worldwide. Robot machines.
             that produce a better product in a shorter span of time. Is the world on.
             the brink of yet another industrial revolution? Where shall this advance.
             take us? Into a global system of social relation and peace--where people.
             from all over the world can intertwine within a perfect Utopia? Or will it.
             cause pain and suffering due to a worldwide depression? A scale that would.
             be twenty-times the size of the Great Depression during the 1920's.
             Technology has so wondrously and destructively marveled the human.
             mind and body throughout the centuries. From out of the dark depths of the.
             mind have sprung explosive ideas, producing inventions that have.
             transformed minute villages into gigantic civilizations; stimulating.
             population increases throughout the world. Simple tasks such as the.
             automatic traffic signal, and railway air brakes (the first safe method of.
             stopping trains) have advanced growing cities tremendously. As the.
             technology increased, so did the business.
             Western civilization was the heart of industrial commerce. Men and.
             women from all over the world traveled thousands of miles to the United.
             States in hopes of seeking religious freedom. There upon the shores of.
             America, immigrant families stood close together in huge masses awaiting.

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