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Legalizing Marijuana

            The argument of whether or not to legalize marijuana has been discussed for decades as well as fought for in short lived protests. Although I myself do not use marijuana, I strongly feel as though it should be legalized in the United States. There are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized some of which include; the fact that the use of marijuana is safer than cigarettes and alcohol, marijuana has medical use, the crime rate would be lower and the economy could benefit from marketing it. The prohibition of marijuana is unconstitutional, unfair, and is taking away the rights and freedoms of people all around the world. This injustice must stop!.
             When compared to currently available legal substances and drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, marijuana seems less of a threat then pictured. There are no known detrimental health effects and there have never been any deaths on the account of marijuana, cigarettes and tobacco on the other hand have claimed over "four hundred and eighteen thousand lives in a given year" according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The cause of death is usually cancers such as lung and throat cancer. Alcohol claims a surprising 110,640 lives (CDC) with drastic health effects as liver disease. These deaths are not including those involved in car accidents. In fact in 1997 there where 41,967 fatalities due to automobile accident. Thirty nine percent of the fatalities where alcohol related (Alcohol Epidemic Data System).
             Moreover nicotine presents a high degree of toxicity and was first used as an insecticide in the 18th century. Caffeine, though far less than nicotine, is also toxic to the body. And whereas excessive alcohol consumption can be lethal, marijuana is medically nontoxic and not lethal to humans. Cannabis metabolites are nontoxic. As with any legal substance, be it tobacco or alcohol, adults are able to decide if and when they will use those substances, without government intrusion; marijuana should not be an exception.

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