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Portrait Busts

            With the establishment of the Roman Empire came change in government officials and the propaganda they used to win the support of Roman citizens. Prior to the rise of the Empire, government officials were represented through the sculpture of portrait busts. The Republican busts of previous generations were a depiction of gravitas. This is very important because the busts suggested that the leaders they portrayed were real men of sober seriousness. These busts served as representation of the age and wisdom that the men were to posses. Looking at the bust of Cicero, you get the impression that he was an aged man and he looks very serious. Although his actual age would have been somewhere between 43 and 50, the bust intentionally ages him. Judging from the busts, you get the idea that the men of this time were conquerors; and the furrowed forehead and eyebrows illustrated this. Through the portrayal of the men in busts, a sense of security was provided to the Roman citizens of this time.
             When Augustus came to power, he implements the change from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. This was done in several ways, but one of the most interesting is the way he portrayed himself. It was completely opposite of what the Roman citizens were used to seeing. The statues that portrayed the new Emperor were of his entire body instead of just his head. It personified Augustus as being more youthful which is characterized not only this youth, but beauty and strength as well. In addition, the statue portrays a sense of courage and honor, depicted in the story his breastplate tells. Honor was very important to the Romans because achieving Cursus Honorum was the only way to advance in the Roman political system. .
             Augustus" leadership ability presents itself to be of a high standard. He is portrayed as a young man, probably modeled after of Alexander the Great, who died when he was 33 with major accomplishments, in military uniform.

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