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Myth Cellphones

            Once upon a time there lived a king and warm hearted young man named Gavin. Gavin was a technological pioneer of the modern world. He was the mind of the village. Both, young people and old people looked up to him. He lived in a nice and humble quiet shack. Every now and then people would visit him to hear his crazy new ideas and stories from the future. Like other gods in his time, Gavin was able to foresee the future. Every Friday he would sit down the town locals and explain the lifestyles of the future people. Most of the residents sat there with open eyes listening careful to every detail that came out of his mouth. Gavin would explain to them the advances in technology and would always say how he would bring back some of their pieces of technology. He would explain to the locals about how people would use things like computers to talk to each other or how people would be able to use cars to fly over land with. Gavin would also leave the residents wanting and asking for more. He would always leave them hanging in same shape or form. Soon, word got around neighboring villages that there was a god who was explaining secrets of the future. This angered many of the other gods. So one faithful Sunday morning, the gods called an emergency meeting. They came up with an idea to call Osiris and ask for his help. Osiris was the god of the underworld and they needed him to incarcerate Gavin in the deepest and darkest parts of the underworld. Soon word had gotten around that the gods were after Gavin. When the towns people heard this they surrounded Gavin's shack like ants would surround a food crumb on the floor. Gavin calmly rose above from the shack and told them not to worry. He explained to them that no matter what his life in the living world would go on forever. Within seconds Gavin disappeared like a cold milkshake on a warm summer day. Gavin appeared and acted very calmly, but deep down inside he was worried for his life and precious soul.

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