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Immoral Sense Flooding Schools

            Some people say that the Columbine shootings happened because the kids had access to guns and the supplies to make bombs. I think they did it because their teachers and peers didn't offer them any moral support to help them through the problems that they had. This lead them to perform the actions that they did. I don't know how the aftermath affected them.
             I believe that contemporary schooling blunts young people's moral sense. From what I have experienced through high school, it was nothing but the teachers trying to cram all kinds of information into our heads without trying to teach us real life skills along with the information. My high school never had any real life skills classes to help us learn ethical approaches to life. They never attempted to teach us what was morally right and wrong. The only thing my high school taught me was all the information I supposedly needed to know to get my useless piece of paper they called a crowning achievement in life. For example, in my high school there were many kids who had no sense of maturity or morality. All they knew was that they were the lords of their own little worlds. They all thought they could control everything that happened around them. They tried to control the way my teachers taught their classes. My teachers felt sympathy for all the people that were like this too. .
             There was only one teacher that I knew in my school that understood the problems of grade inflation. This concept made a huge impact on the morals of the other students as well. It made them think that they can coast through everything in life such as work situations or high school. I believe that they are all wrong though. To give an example, one of my peers in my Economics class senior year did absolutely nothing in that class "he hardly even showed up most of the time "but somehow he still managed to graduate. I don't know how, but somehow he managed it.

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