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             The Romulator is a device that extends the length of a typical car by several hundred thousand miles. Weighing only three pounds the Romulator is roughly the size a human fist. The very simple design includes an intake valve, a pressure sensor, two output valves, and a hollow casing. A special fluid is required to make the Romulator function correctly. The Romulator has revolutionized the car industry.
             Forty-seven years ago and man named John Maloney came up with the basic idea and first prototypes of the Romulator. His original design showed that, if used properly, the Romulator would improve the gas mileage of a typical car. He made several models and tried a couple of them out on his 1947 Buick. Unfortunately Maloney was unable to get either Romulator to work. The last one he tried completely destroyed the engine in the Buick.
             After that incident Maloney gave up on his idea of the Romulator for more than thirty years. The plans and models sat on a table in his basement collected dust and, dirt, and grime until they were completely covered in the stuff. Over the years Maloney's basement began to fill up with junk, until, his wife made him head downstairs to clean up the thirty years worth of stuff the had been collected. He almost threw away his plans and models for the Romulator. Re-igniting a curiosity that he had had so many years before, Maloney stopped cleaning and grabbed all his materials and raced up the stairs to his garage. In his garage, Maloney had an old 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. The car had never run very well and it had been developing multiple small problems for a long time. Because Maloney had a newer car he figured he had nothing to loose by installing the Romulator. He had to make a few minor adjustments because the car was foreign and required metric fittings instead of standard fittings. Two hours later the car was ready to be tried out. Sliding behind the wheel Maloney said a short prayer and crossed his fingers as he turned the keys.

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