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House of Representatives

             The past few days in social we have been viewing C-SPAN on the U. The people in the House of Representatives represent either republican, democrat, or independent. The presiding officer is Michael K. Simpson, and his title was Pro Tem. .
             The meetings start out with a list of rules given. Second, there is an introduction. Next, the Chaplin gives the invocation. Then the pledge of allegiance is said. And then the reading cleric says a list of resolutions and then the debating starts.
             There were a handful of issues discussed in the debate. Some of those issues are as follows: fiscal year budget, homeland security bill, tax cuts, environmental issues, war, missing children, and prescription drugs. When it is a speakers time to talk, he or she steps up to the booth and discussed their issue. They get approximately 4 minutes to speak. After they get done discussing their issue, the house votes on it. It is the people's interest that are most directly at stake because almost all of the issues will effect the people some how.
             Their meetings are conducted by giving all of the members a chance to speak in front of the House. The decisions are made by everyone voting in the House. I don't think that the participants are very informed about the issues because most of the time not everyone is there and before they vote on a big issue, they call everyone to come vote.
             I don't think that the group accomplishes much because they take so much time off. They are gone for almost half of the year because they "need" time off. It seems like a pretty easy job to me. Their actions make a huge impact on the public. Their opinions effect the lives of everyone under their government.

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