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             The philosophies of Puritanism, the Great Awakening, and the Enlightenment provide much of the intellectual foundation for the establishment of the United States. The beliefs of these three different religious movements have proven to show great influence into the foundations of our government and our country in many ways. Their concept of God and the several beliefs of individual advancements set the basis for many of the denominations of churches today and helped influence our countries Constitution. These sects of people during the early years of the United States birth shed light upon things that were imitated and marveled for years to come. The thinking of a certain individual such as a Puritan farmer, a Baptist seaman, or a scholar of the Enlightenment from these separate times is characterized in by their belief in education, individual roles and responsibilities, and their concepts of God.
             From the view of a Puritan farmer in Massachusetts in 1690, life would seem to be devoted to his religion and work to better himself in the eyes of God. His concept of God is based around that God predestined some people, the Elect, for salvation; and that all individuals were born with original sin. Puritans had a strong sense of the sovereignty of God and the depravity of humanity. They strived hard to live in accordance with God's will. Adherence to the strict Puritan moral code was both a sign of salvation and a path to prosperity. Since the Scripture offered solutions to all problems of individual conduct, church and secular government, and social organization, and educated citizenry was necessary to enable individuals to interpret the meaning of the Scripture for their lives.
             As seen in the life of a Baptist seaman in Rhode Island in 1740, one's everyday activity would be associated with praying that God would not strike them down at the very moment they looked at someone wrong.

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