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             Machiavelli views are extremely hard to comprehend only because they contradict with they way society views itself as of today. All people are brought up to follow leaders who have certain characteristics traits. Those who are being led have faith, respect and trust in their own leader. However, inThe Prince,? Machiavelli, he uses the publics views on him to his own advantage but only in a negative way. Machiavelli, does not seem to trust anybody but himself and is always on the look out for other intruders in his righteous space. He does not seem to have a large ego; due to the fact that he is very insecure with himself. His insecurities, cause him to have eyes in the back of his head, so that he can find out everything about who, what where, when and how. When it comes to governing his land or to defending it, he is extremely strategic and analytical to his every move. Machiavelli's, actions are caused by his self-concerned views of society and have also caused others to behave in his selfish ways.
             In an era were words took an extremely long time to spread, Machiavelli's tactics to stay in power worked very well. InThe Prince?, Machiavelli discusses two distinct groups of people, the political elite; which includes nobles and other princes, and the general public. Today in the United States, the first group, the political elite, includes political leaders, religious.
             leaders, business leaders and the leaders of strong lobbying groups. The composition of the general public has changed little from Machiavelli's time. Even though Machiavelli, speaks only certain truths that others hide upon, it is still not right that one should rely upon mischievous moves to stay ahead.
             While Machiavelli used many of the common Renaissance ideals in his writing, he also developed some new and controversial methods of his own. His principle ofthe end justifies the mean? was a quite revolutionary idea and can be seen in business practices to this day.

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