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             Introduction: After this speech you will all know the amount of racial segregation that went on in South Africa before it became a free country.
             Thesis: The South-African apartheid regime was indeed one of the most brutal of this century. But how did this system really work? .
             I. A. The separation: In the violent apartheid regime every citizen had to be classified as a member of a particular race. This naturally caused a lot of problems, since it is almost impossible to categorize human beings into races. Every person in South Africa had to be placed within one of these categories: .
             Black (31.5 million) .
             Colored (3.3 million) .
             Asian (1.2 million) .
             White (5.4 million) .
             Each of these categories had several sub-directories as well. (www.learner.org).
             B. Law separated blacks and whites. The blacks lived in their own parts of town, called townships, strictly segregated from the whites. Since the first whites settled in South Africa they had believed that the blacks were racially inferior and couldn't be expected to live like Europeans, but this policy wasn't pursued to it's cruel conclusion until the election of the P.W Botha's government in1948.
             1. They issued a series of laws to keep the blacks down and away, but available for work. The National Party stayed in control until 1994, when ANC won the first free election. Below are the most important apartheid laws, together with a brief description. .
             - Mines & Works Act 1911 & 1926 -Imposed color ban on certain jobs, a white salary was to be higher than a black at all times. .
             -Natives Land Acts 1913 & 1936 -Allocated just 13% of total land area to black use. .
             -Natives (Urban Areas) Act 1923 -Provided for residential segregation in cities. The blacks had to carry special papers to be allowed to stay in the cities. .
             -Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act 1949 -Banned marriages between races. .
             -Immorality Act 1950 -Banned sexual relations between people from different racial groups.

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