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precis of Everyday Use

             Johnson and her younger daughter, Maggie, are awaiting the arrival of her older daughter, Dee. They are waiting for Dee at their southern farm home, cleaning and straightening up the house in preparation for her arrival. Dee is coming home from college, which is located in the city. .
             Mrs. Johnson recollects how strong and independent of a person Dee is. In comparison, Maggie is very shy and insecure about herself. She thinks about how different Maggie and Dee are in their physical appearances. Maggie suffers from burns throughout most of her body where as Dee has nice light complexion and has a fuller figure.
             Upon Dee's arrival, she and an unfamiliar man step out of the car that brought them, both dressed as if they were from Africa. Mrs. Johnson and Maggie were greeted with the foreign phrases "Wa-su-zo-tean-o" and "Asalamakim." Dee then takes her camera out of her car, and takes some pictures, making sure to include the house in every picture she takes. .
             Once inside the house Dee proceeds to explain that her new name is Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. Mrs. Johnson has food prepared, so they carry the conversation to the dinner table. At the dinner table Dee devours all the food that she can, since she doesn't get to have her mom's food everyday. In contrast, her male friend barely eats anything because of his beliefs and background. .
             After dinner, Dee jumps from the table and notices a churn and a dasher. After making a comment about them she asks Mrs. Johnson if she may have the churn and dasher. Mrs. Johnson gracefully allows her to have both the items requested. Dee then made her way to Mrs. Johnson's room, and scavenged through the trunk at the foot of her bed. Once she finds two quilts she likes, she begs her mom for them. .
             Surprisingly, Mrs. Johnson said no. She refused to give the two quilts to Dee because they were promised to go to Maggie when she got married. Enraged with the fact she was not allowed the quilt she desired, she and her male friend left the house.

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