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            Caesar was a great man that helped The Roman Empire to what it is today. As a young man he entered the roman political life. He believed in Rome and tried to make the empire great. When he was 42 years old he got his first break as governor of three provinces Cisalpine Gaul, Illyricum, and Narbonese Gaul. He also had control over 20,000 men, which he used to become a hero in Rome.
             Caesar used his men to conquer all of Gaul. Caesar had a big problem on his hands when he went to fight the Gallic tribes. Caesar's forces or army was seriously outnumbered to the Gallic tribes. Even though they were outnumbered he completely defeated the Gallic tribes and became a roman hero all through The Roman Empire. Some citizens of Rome do not believe that he was a hero at all.
             Caesar made many enemies while he conquered the Gaul's. Several people thought that he was a bad dictator and didn't make right decisions. If you look at Caesar's life and what he did for Rome you will soon see that Caesar made his decisions for the good of The Roman Empire not anything else. If Caesar was a horrible dictator then why did Rome expand the most while Caesar was in control? When people do not understand something they want to get rid of it A.S.A.P. and that is what happened, he was assassinated by a senate meeting by a group of conspirators. All great men were kill because the people did not understand them, for example Socrates people wanted him dead for what he had said and done just like Caesar. I my mind Caesar is the best dictator that Rome will ever have.

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