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animal testing

             Animal testing should be illegal for the following reasons: Each year millions of innocent animals are killed during painfull tests and research. Pain killers a thing people use every day to get rid of headaches, stomach aches, things that get rid of our pain is being tested on animals and causing them so much pain and killing them . It is animal cruelty, you are taking a innocent animal and killing it and if the animal does not die during the test it will die soon after,or wont be properly treated and die and they "are "recycled" into other type of product tests" Things such as cosmetics,household products,medicines,and sometimes even foods are tested on these animals. I think it should be illegal, it is illegal to hurt animals and that is hurting them. Animal testing is making it right to kill animals and that is wrong. .
             What IS Happening To The Animals.
             Animals getting tested and researched on are forced to inhale things hours at a time,have their backs shaved and have chemicals put on them, they are held down and have things dripped in their eyes such as face washes,soaps,shampoos. They will study time of recovery on animals by strapping them down and the animals knees are cut open. They will put mice and rats in gas chamber and afterwards even if they are still alive they will slice them open. The people will take cats and kittens from pounds and kill them just for their livers,and they also kill dogs but it takes longer because they implant a heart valve in them to see how afective it is. They will kill rabbits just because they need to get a still picture of a broken neck,so they will kill all these rabbits just for pictures. Animals eyes are removed,their brains can get damaged and a lot get broken bones. An animal getting tested for head trauma would have their head strapped down and recieve impact blows to their head,and would recieve head trauma severely.

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