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pet semetary

             At some point in the history of the human race, the idea that people are creatures of habit was conceived. This idea has proven itself to be true due to the fact that for almost everyone there is a general pattern that they follow each and every day of their lives. However, despite this Idea there are certain circumstances that may manipulate or change the way that people act out their days. For example, If two people were to get married, they would have to make several drastic changes in their lives in order to make things flow reasonably. Changes would also have to be made if the same couple were to become pregnant. They would be forced to change in order to prepare for a new addition to the family. Change does not always happen for the good although it seems that it should. Sometimes something can happen that will permanently change a life for the worst. .
             Every day someone loses a loved one and they are forced to cope with the loss. Death is tragic no matter how anyone wants to look at it. The reason is because it is permanent. Some are expected and lead up to be nothing more than just a matter of time, but it is the ones that are not expected that are stereotyped to take the hardest toll.
             Suppose that there was a chance to take back the unexpected. Suppose that there was a way to bring back the deceased knowing that there may be evil consequences. Is it possible to love someone so dearly that a person would cross into the realm of the mad in order to take that risk? Stephen King set this idea into action through a fictional father, Lewis and his only son, Gage, with the publishing of his novel Pet Semetary. .
             The portion of this novel that describes the madness in men is when Lewis finds that there is a place where the dead walk. He had been mourning his son's death and wanted him back so badly that he felt compelled to dig Gage's body up and place it where it might come back to life.

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