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Religion in Mayan Culture

             Religion was Mayan culture and, Mayan culture was religion. That sentence may sound somewhat familiar to some people, and it's a fact too. Mayan culture was formed mostly by their religion. "Religion was the center of Mayan life". Everything that had to do with everyday life dealt with religion in Mayan culture. .
             An example of this is when the Mayans built these great phenomenons of structural design. They built enormous pyramids, temples, and plazas. Thousands of people came and gathered at these places to celebrate for special religious festivals and ceremonies. Everybody did it; it's nothing like the present day. There isn't a gigantic structure in the middle of a modern day town where people come and celebrate their religion and culture. Now people get to choose their religion, and the way they live. Mayans also built crafts, pottery and sacred objects to provide for their beliefs and practices. On these craft and other objects they printed images on them, so people would have a sort of reminder of the beliefs and culture. In the present day a person just doesn't see a cup, or bowl with a picture of Jesus, Buddha, or Ganesha printed on it. It just goes to show you how much the Mayan religion shaped and effected their culture.
             People's roles in the community also showed how religion shaped culture, in the Mayan civilization. For example the Mayan kings were also spiritual leaders. As amusing it may sound to some people, you just don't see George Bush saying mass at your local church, or at any church. Their kings were to teach people the way of their religion, and the appropriate ways to behave for gods. These Mayan kings also took part in many rituals. They helped conduct rituals such as human sacrifices. These sacrifices were for the Mayans gods. This ceremony might just sound like a religious ordeal, but it wasn't, it was everybody that was taking part and watching.

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