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american dream the great gatsb

             Many people have dreams and goals they may want to acquire. Most of their ambitions are to become rich and live a successful life. These dreams can be renamed as the American Dream. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the main character, Jay Gatsby has such a dram. He wants to marry and reestablish his relationship with his long lost love and become rich with social status. Sadly, Gatsby doesn't achieve his American Dream since everything he accomplished was meaning less without his true love, Daisy Buchanan. But at the same time Gatsby can be regarded as an accomplished man who reached his dream due to his success in terms of money. For five years Gatsby was trying to reunite with Daisy but he didn't get to marry her. Without any friends, family or Daisy, his life came to and end. Consequently Gatsby did not accomplish his American Dream. .
             With determination and courage, Gatsby becomes a very wealthy man. Since Jay was born into a deprived and disadvantaged family he wasn't able to marry his love, Daisy who was from a wealthy family. Also, he didn't have the money and luxuries to keep Daisy happy. When he finally attains his wealth, it is too late and Daisy has gotten married. But Gatsby resolves that he will win back Daisy and live the life that he had always dreamed of. With all the willpower and determination he reaches to the same social status of Daisy, but only to his misfortune he couldn't win Daisy from her husband, Tom. Even though Gatsby got to have Daisy for some time, he still wasn't able to marry her. Daisy leaves Gatsby and he is left devastated. He has lost everything his life was based upon. He can see everything he has ever worked for drifting away right in front of his eyes, the grief he feels for loosing Daisy is far more compared to loosing anything. Gatsby has lived his life and it is time for him to settle down but it is too late to find the "right" one.

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