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             One Ethical problem I see is the fact that this procedure isn't a "natural" way about having a child, nature wasn't meant to be handled in a petri dish. .
             2. Second ethical problem I see here is freezing these embryos for later use. I don't believe that this is right because technically that's a human entity being frozen and if it was a living breathing man rather than just a living embryo I"m sure there would be more protest but I think that is an issue also with freezing the "children".
             3.Third ethical issue is the custody of the embryos I don't think its right that one person gets control of these because the father put into it to create those and then the mother takes them as her own without his consent.
             4. if a couple want to have a child they should have it the natural way good old fashioned sex that's the natural way and its free sometimes. But I think natural way is the better choice, your chances are higher and you won't be subjugating your children to scientific experiments.
             5. Divorce this is a huge problem in today's society it has a dramatic effect on children and just makes the world look worse and worse with the lack of love here.
             The facts that I don't think some of these things are right that they are doing in these clinics and the decisions they make.
             The mother and the father have the only stakes the embryos would too if they could communicate but they cant for all we know. But the mother and father should be able to come to a consensus about there issue and then report it back to the clinic for what they want done with the embryos.
             Parenting and choosing between life and death. Finding the best decision would be very hard in this situation I don't think there is a right or wrong decision in this case but that's just me.
             To either rule in favor of the father or the mother or to throw the case out but personally ide let the mother and father sort it out.
             He should consider the opinion of both mother and father and he should consider what would be best for the left over embryos.

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